Brief Guide To Learn About Blockchain And Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain is fast emerging as one of the best ways to safeguard business data. It also opens up whole new ways to bring about better efficiency and transparency in business operations.

The combination of smart contracts and immutable ledger offered by blockchain technology has completely changed the way how enterprises work. A Hyperledger helps in creating linkages and cross links between different blockchains. In turn, it is gives support to blockchain technology, library, applications, and the overall framework.

Hyperledger Fabric

It is an open frame platform of Hyperledger, which is used mainly on permission based private business networks. The roles and member identities are known to the other members participating in the network, but as per the access permission levels granted to them.

It allows the components of a database like a ledger, consensus mechanism, and database to work on a system, of plug and play. It guarantees a network with security, confidentiality, and high-scalability.  You can integrate Hyperledger in your own company systems with the help of a reputed blockchain services company.

Working of a blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric platform works as a means of communication in a blockchain, and it simultaneously communicates with others in the network. There is a communication set up between the back-end and the front-end of the network. The process works from the blockchain app interface.

Hence, if you wish to write a blockchain application you need to write a chain code which is supported in a language and then you are required to deploy that chain code in your program. The last step involves developing a client application with the help of an SDK for processing that chain code.

Type of peers

There are mainly three types of peers, among whom the communication takes place in the network. These are:

Endorsing peer: This peer group works on the basis of receiving an endorsement for the transaction proposal, and responds in return by granting the endorsement or denying it, depending upon the type of its judgment of the endorsement.

Committer peer: This group helps in committing the transactions and also maintains the state of the ledger. It mainly works with the process of maintaining the records and keeping a track of all the transactions.

Ordering peer: This group communicates with other nodes which are engaged in the endorsement process. It is also responsible for including the blocks of transaction in the ledger, and in keeping a track of all the records and the way they all are maintained.


Hence, Fabric Hyperledger platform helps in the implementation of blockchain framework in organizations. It helps in building a safe and a secure passage over the web for the passage of the information, which may or may not involve any financial transactions in them.

It is trusted by most of the organizations for the services which are offered by it . Therefore, it has now found its utilization in many industries all over the world. It is time for you to know about it, and get one integrated in your organization now.

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