3 Draft Solutions for Your Back-Bar

Nothing hits the spot quite like a frosty draft beer right from the tap. While many bars already have extensive commercial remote-draw systems in the front of their establishments, the back-bar presents a different challenge. You still want the ability to serve draft at your back-bar to maximize profits, but the reduced volume may make a full remote-draw system unfeasible.

That’s why many bar owners opt for a direct draw system for their back-bar needs. It allows patrons to receive fresh draft, but you don’t have to invest in additional infrastructure to make it a reality. There are several different types of direct-draw systems, and each has pros and cons. To investigate which type of direct-draw may best meet your back-bar needs, contact a service that provides commercial draft beer system installation in San Antonio, TX. In the meantime, read on to learn more about the three types of direct-draw methods.


The kegerator is a simple unit that doesn’t require extensive installation. It is a small refrigerator meant to house one of more kegs of beer. The kegerator is typically refrigerated, which means the beer that pours from the tap will be chilled to the temperature of your choosing. The optimal temperature for most beers is 38 degrees. Kegerators offer many benefits. For example, the short lines connecting the tap to the keg mean that there’s less need for cleaning than with remote-draw systems. Models are available that are intended for use in outdoor back bars as well, and they will shield the beer from the effects of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Club Top Dispenser

A club top dispenser is a hybrid direct-draw system. It is actually a kegerator combined with a cooler that features a sliding top. This allows you to serve cold beer from the keg in the same way you would from a kegerator. However, the club top also allows you to serve a wider range of offerings in bottles and cans from the slide top. It can also be used to frost mugs and keep them cold between pours. Its benefits include the additional chilled space and can be either fixed into the bar or mobile for portability.

Back-Bar Cooler

A back-bar cooler is another hybrid with a focus on marketing to customers. Unlike the other two units, the back-bar cooler is not encased in stainless steel. The front and back are made of glass like a refrigerated cooler in a convenience store. This allows customers to see the keg as well as the bottled and canned beers that are available. Everything is kept in a chilled environment. The opportunity for an impulse buy or visual enticement is an attractive advantage for some bar owners.

If you’re considering a direct-draw system for your back bar, think about which of the three types would best suit your needs and consult with a service that offers commercial draft beer system installation in San Antonio, TX.

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